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At the Digestive Health and Nutrition Center, our main focus is to provide the highest quality care to our patients. We do this in a relaxed setting. You can easily find our Lawrenceville location on Princess Road.

Digestive issues can be frustrating. When you are in this situation, you need a gastroenterologist who listens to you and responds to your particular needs. You need an experienced physician who is capable of diagnosing and treating your digestive problems. And you need a friendly doctor who will provide counsel in the best way possible for you to improve your health.

Quality Care in a Comfortable Environment

At the Digestive Health and Nutrition Center, we believe that high-quality care means very little if patients are not able to access it. For this reason, we have tried to make our Lawrenceville office as convenient as possible for our patients.

We provide care for a variety of gastrointestinal problems. Some of the areas we treat include:

  • The small intestine, including celiac disease and malnutrition
  • The stomach, including nausea, abdominal pain, and ulcer disease
  • The liver, including cirrhosis and hepatitis
  • The biliary tract, including jaundice and gallstones
  • The colon, including diarrhea, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and rectal bleeding
  • The pancreas, including pancreatitis
  • The esophagus, including swallowing difficulties and esophageal reflux

Dr. Merlo and the staff members at the Digestive Health and Nutrition Center are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality care. We are interested in providing patients individualized care, and we will work closely with their primary care physicians. We offer a full range of diagnostic services, including screening colonoscopy. We provide treatment for individuals who are experiencing chronic acid reflux, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, peptic ulcer disease, chronic liver disease, and any other gastrointestinal issues a person may be experiencing. Please contact our office today to learn more about our services.

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Digestive Health & Nutrition Center

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